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Critterbot Charging

This page contains information regarding the charging schedule and docking routine for the Critterbot.

Charging schedule

The Critterbot will charge itself between the hours of midnight to 8 am, provided it is connected to a power source and its system voltage is below 16V. From 8 am to midnight, charging will not occur unless manually forced (see Software switch below). As a failsafe, charging will also occur whenever the system voltage is below 13V and the robot is docked.

Software switch

A software switch (boolean flag) was added on 30/10/09 to disable charging during the day. This switch instructs the Power AVR to avoid charging. This switch can be toggled from walter using the disableCharge and enableCharge commands from the console. If enableCharge is called the robot will charge as soon as docked, provided its system voltage is below 16V.

Docking routine

A docking routine is in place on the ARM that will force a return to the charger when the system voltage falls below 13V. If this happens, the robot will stop responding to commands unless it has docked. Once docked, it will begin charging. No motor commands are executed while charging.