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Reimaging Walter

1) Install/Copy the system on the memory card
  • Plugin the flash memory card to a Linux machine
  • Create one main ext2 partition on the memory card (with gparted for instance)
  • Mount the memory card: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/flash
  • Mount the backup image: sudo mount -o loop,ro /var1/walter_image.dd /mnt
  • Copy everything from the backup to the memory card: sudo  cp -avr /mnt/* /media/flash
2) Install bootloader on the memory card
  • Change the root to where the backup is mounted: sudo chroot /mnt
  • In the same shell, run grub: sudo grub
  • root (hd2,0) (hd2 must match the device of the memory card and 0 the partition)
  • setup (hd2)