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Battery Space
www.batteryspace.com - 14.8V, 4400mAh, 4800mAh, or 5200mAh Li-Ion 18650 packs.  These will need connectors attached.

Digi Key
www.digikey.ca - virtually everything.

Future Electronics
www.futureelectronics.com - Melexis Gyroscope.

www.arrownac.com - LTC Li-Ion charge controller

Alberta Printed Circuits
www.apcircuits.com - 2 layer circuit board fabrication (do not recommend their 4 layer service)

Sunstone Circuits
www.sunstone.com - 4 layer circuit board fabrication

Boca Bearings
www.bocabearings.com - 8mm ID 14mm OD 15.6mm x 0.8mm Flange.  Rubber seals.

Robot Shop
www.robotshop.ca - Sharp GP2D12 IR distance sensor, Solarbotics RW miniature rubber wheels for outer wheel rollers.

McMaster Carr
www.mcmaster.com - General equipment supply. sourced most unusual nuts, bolts, spacers, metal, rubber, plastic stock, tools, and velco.  Not cheap but VERY convenient.

Mechanical Engineering Shop
Tuula Hilvo (thilvo@ualberta.ca), machinist, is the preferred contact.
Roger Marchand (marchand@ualberta.ca), foreman, needs to OK all outside jobs.
Plastic rapid prototyping, waterjet cutting, occasional machining work.

Physics Machine Shop
Gilbert Lachat, foreman.

University of Utah Physics Machine Shop
Ed Munford (edm@physics.utah.edu), did the original CNC'd aluminium pieces for the frame and motor/wheel housings.

Advanced Digital Logic
George Ruano (george@adl-usa.com) is contact
PC104 computers and miniPCI expansion board.  Original board is MSM800BEV-CF-P+.  New board is ADLS15PC.  Don't really recommend them for future purchases.

Maxon Motor
www.maxonmotor.com - Motor/Encoder/Gearbox assembly, consisting of Parts #110160 + 110338 + 228179.  A-Max 22 motor.
Tom Shay (tom@electromate.com) from Electromate is contact.