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System Startup Guide

All the system software can be compiled on either Walter (a linux machine on the critterbot) or on gremlin2 (x86 workstation).  All the code for the system is on the rlai-critterbot Google Code SVN repository (follow the link on the left), along with backups of the binaries.  A detailed outline of the system and the startup procedure is in rlai-critterbot/support/Info.  The high-level overview is shown below.


The critterbot system has four layers that are running on four different CPUs.

               Code             - Machine                         - Machine Location             - source
highest - Client Code  (eg. critter_command.py) - Anywhere/Laptop             - rlai-critterbot/support/scripts/python_client
             | TCP/IP
             - Critterdriver - runs on Walter/linux/x86 Geode - Critterbot's middle board - rlai-critterbot/Critterdriver
             | Serial port
             - ARM code  - runs on custom built ARM board - Critterbot's top board- rlai-critterbot/firmware/arm
             || SPI bus?
lowest   | - AVR motor code - AVR   - Critterbot's bottom board- rlai-critterbot/firmware/avr/CritterbotAVRMotor/
             -  AVR power code     - AVR   - Critterbot's bottom board- rlai-critterbot/firmware/avr/CritterbotAVRPower/

   - Working binaries are available in the rlai-critterbot/support/binaries directory.

Source code
   - Source code is available via svn from google code. (http://code.google.com/p/rlai-critterbot/)

ARM communication utilities
   - arm-ui/arm-mi/programmer/etc - Available in rlai-critterbot/firmware/programmer