Important Note

The format of critterbot logfiles is evolving. Not all logfiles provided here will be identical. All files with the type .crtrlog follow some basic rules:

  • Each line represents one observation, with individual readings seperated with whitespace.
  • Lines beginning with a '#' should be considered comments for the purpose of parsing data and be ignored. The first line in the file should be a comment with names for each column of data.
  • Comment lines can also be found throughout the file containing notes about what is happening in the file
  • The number of columns and possibly ordering can change, so be sure to check this header information when using files from different sources.
  • If you want to log non-standard data it is acceptable to add your data onto the end of any or all rows in the log file, or to place it on a commented line.
All these files can be replayed with Crittergui.

Long Run (Thomas)



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