Marc G. Bellemare

Knowledge discovery and lifelong learning, formalizing the aims and qualities of long-lived agents. Design of the simulator and firmware programming.

Michael Bowling

Offline subjective data analysis, A.R.E.

Thomas Degris

Learning representations for reinforcement learning problems in subjective robotics. 

Anna Koop

Knowledge representation in embodied systems, connecting low-level sensori-motor data to abstract concepts. Assistance with the simulator and firmware.

Chris Rayner

Building representations that facilitate learning, research in data prediction, feature selection, and dimensionality reduction.

Michael Sokolsky

Design of the Critterbot Mach 1, system design, firmware and interface software.

Rich Sutton

Principal Investigator and inspiration behind the project.

Adam White

Reinforcement learning. Programming for the simulator.

Eric Wiewiora

Reinforcement learning.