If you as a group member outgrow/inherit new responsibilities, see that necessary documentation and notes get passed along.

Unclaimed responsibilities default to Rich. :)

If you have an RL-community membership, you can edit this page. A text-only version is available here but this webpage is the official document.

Machine responsibilities

By hierarchical arrangement on CS network:

  • Research Network
    • Hindsight (Patrick)
    • RLAI (Chris)
  • Wild West
    • Tove (Joseph)
      • Gremlin via airport (Thomas)
        • note - single point of failure
      • Critterbot via airport
        • Walter (Marc)
        • ARMs (Adam)

Critterbot Hardware

  • Physical buttons (Adam and Patrick)
  • Wheels (Patrick)
  • Virtual buttons (Patrick)
  • Audio (Joseph)
  • Camera (Joseph)
  • Docking station (Thomas)


  • Zephyr (Thomas)
  • RL-Park (Thomas)
  • Legacy Disco and Critterbot Disco (Thomas)
  • Java Disco (Thomas and Marc)
  • AVR + ARM (Marc)
  • Simulator (Adam and Marc)
  • Joystick (Adam)
  • GQ implementation (Adam)
  • RL-Glue (Brian and Adam)
  • RL-Library (Brian)
  • Wiimote (Mike)
  • Legacy OpenPages (no-one. But Anna has experience)
  • Tile coding implementations [C, Java, Lisp, Python] (Rich)

Web presence

  • Google website (Chris)
  • RLAI.cs.ualberta (Chris)

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