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The Simulator is a purposefully flexible 2D environment aimed at robotic simulation. Due to the nature of many of the sensors on the Critterbot and the low level of input we are interested in, most existing simulators did not provide an easy way to model the Critterbot sensors. Many of the sensors on the robot are present in the simulator at this time. However, they are generally idealized versions of the hardware they are based on.

Interfacing with the Simulator can be done in several ways. The first method is to use a wrapper to run the simulator as an environment for RL Glue. The second method is to use an abstraction layer based on Disco's DataDrop system that allows you to send actions and receive observations from the engine, either natively in Java or via Disco. This method allows one to program interchangeably for the Critterbot or its simulated version. As a third solution, it is also possible to wrap the environment directly and have access to all of the Objects within the simulator. Finally, a binary version is distributed with Crittergui.

Chris Rayner,
Mar 15, 2010, 11:28 AM